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ARTISTS 2017 - artist 2018 will be soon announced 

Ana Alvarez Errecalde - 'The value of responsibility in a disconnected society' - Artist's presentation  

Atelier Tammam - One dress - Installation 

Anna T. Szabó - Poetry performance 15min 

Amy Dignam - 'requiem for a birth' live art installation - durational piece 

Beatriz Cabur and Mirko Grewing- 'The mind-boggling shrinking woman' Theatre play - 10min

Cally Hayes, Aidan Casey and Georgia Robinson - 'Friction' 20 min theatre piece 

Dagmara Bilon ​- 'And this is my Bed', Live installation - durational piece

Emelie Salford and Julia Thomsen - Cordon Ombilical - Video

Grace Surman - Film with Hope - Video 

Joanna Rosenfeld - Motherhood: (Un)speakable, (Un)spoken - Theatre 

Kajal Nisha Patel - Protection'. Mother Daughter, a conversation - Video

Leah Lovett - 'Support', Vocal Performance 8min

Lena Shimic and Emily Underwood Lee - 'Manifesto for Maternal Performance (Art)', performance 15 min (Uk's premier)

Mary Paterson - Oxytocin's critical response 

Mila Oshin -  'Wombanifesto' - lecture performance 15min (Uk's Premier)

Patricia OkenwaStabat Mater - dance performance 

Sam Rose - Inside/ Out: An internal monologue - Live action 

Sophia Marinkov Jones - Live illustration ​ 

Sung-Im Her and Kathryn Enright - "and then there where two" - Contemporary dance 10min

Dr Anna Troisi - OB-scene multimedia performance 

Joanna Rosenfeld - Motherhood: (Un)speakable, (Un)spoken - Theatre

Support by Leah Lovett 

Grace Surman - Film with Hope

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