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And this is my bed

I made this installation following a dream about the iconic work ‘my bed’ by Tracey Emin. In my dream I was having a conversation with the artist about ‘her bed’, being an artist, depression and so on. ‘And this is my bed’ explores my hidden afflictions and psychosomatic condition and reality. I try to communicate these feelings through my installation.

(*please note I haven't had sex with Tracey Emin or any other direct involvement with her)


Dagmara Bilon (polish/german) London based performance artist. Since graduating from LABAN in2003 she has conducted and collaborated on a diverse body of various art works. She was artist in resident in Area10 Project Space(2003-2011) and is co-founder of the Purple Ladies Collective. Collaborators include Psychological Art Circus, Lundahl&Seitl and HimherandIt Production.Currently Bilon is an Associate Artist of Procreate and Desperate Artwifes. Her work has been presented across the UK, Denmark, Spain, Romania, Croatia and France.

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