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Film with Hope

A nine year old child, speaks to us directly about her lifetime work of raising her mother.

The film considers the passing of time, in wanting to have and catch hold of meaningful events with your child. 

Hanging out in local everyday environments – the back yard, the

woods, the school; turning them into sets, stages 

and places of fantasy. All of this alongside the particular peculiarities of bringing up children in our current age.



Yorkshire based Grace Surman works around the terms, live art, theatre and choreography.

With over 20 years experience of making solo and collaborative work exploring live presence, installation and video art. Her work has been presented nationally and internationally. She is interested in how we live and experience the world through constraints and conditions around us. The drive of the work is to explore and excavate these conditions, drawing on theatrical devices, process-based performance actions, feminist theories and contemporary culture.

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