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Motherhood:Unspeakable, Unspoken

is a ground-breaking show that gives its audience permission to think about both the light and the dark of motherhood. Drawing from brutally honest interviews with both mothers and the children of mothers, it shines a light into the dark corners of motherhood and manages, with great care and wry humour, to dig deep into a world that is bizarrely unspoken. In so doing, offers hope, comfort and enlightenment to us all, be we parents or the children of parents.´s presence and beauty, regardless of his many challenges. 



Joanna Rosenfeld  is a German born theatre maker, performer, artist, facilitator and mother, who has been making solo performance pieces for 20 years, investigating themes like Exile/ Immigration, Urban Isolation and Motherhood.                    

Joanna started exploring themes of motherhood in 2010, interviewing and recording mothers of all ages, and presenting a Scratch performance at the Nightingale Theatre, Brighton. She developed the piece slowly, over time, and in 2013 started to collaborate with Kath Burlinson. In 2015 she presented an 18 minute extract at the Works, Brighton Dome, before gaining funding to research, develop and produce the performance. The piece was previewed in November 2016 at the Rialto Theatre, Brighton with the title 'Motherhood: (Un)speakable, (Un)spoken' and has toured regionally since then.

Joanna is beginning to investigate the theme of Death for future work.


Creative team

Performed and Co-devised by Joanna Rosenfeld

Directed and Co-devised by Kath Burlinson

Designed by Ellan Parry

Original Score by Sioned Jones

Produced by Tessa Howell

Dramaturgy by Lou Cope

Set Build by Duncan Henderson

Movement Consultant Janine Fletcher

Digital Art Consultant Alinah Azadeh

Website Fortune Cats Limited Neil Shardcore

Photography Daniel Lawton

Duncan, Sioned, Ellan, Lou and Tessa worked as contributors, collaborators, co-creators and co- facilitators and were at no point confined to their specialty.

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